The Role Of Designer As Mediator Between Culture And Nature

Biography Workshop

Traces the parallels between one's individual biography and the "biography" of humanity

Into the Wild

Processes designed to encourage spontaneous, vital thinking

Meeting Change

Through creative, integrated design processes

Cross-Pollination: The Role Of Designer As Mediator Between Culture And Nature

An Inspiring And Imaginatively Expansive Workshop

The Opportunity

The current ecological crisis and social dilemma we are facing call for a different type of thinking and action. In rising to the challenge of change CROSS-POLLINATION 'S interest lies in developing a living thinking approach which is as flexible, agile and as adaptable as Nature herself. This means shifting thinking from its ingrained intellectual patterns and entrenched habits to embrace the lesser recognized modes of perception such as intuition, inspiration and imagination. This means learning again how to understand the fine relationships between things, and finding new methods to partner them so that we can create a true overview of the needs of the world.

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