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A Quest for The Golden Fleece – Ideas Read in Cloth

Spier Contemporary 2010

The concept, ‘indwelling idea’, is embodied in material and non-material form. It lives both inside the skin and outside the skin, in the organic and inorganic, individually and collectively. In planning an overnight trip to observe the Nguni herd at Spier, a felted sleeping bag, cave, cocoon, womb or vessel was conceived. For the duration of two days and one night, I undertook to suspend all preconception and assumption. I found myself hovering, between polarities of light and dark, heaven and earth, sleep and wakefulness, life and death, the visible and invisible, known and unknown. The sediment of this ’indwelling idea’ generated an emergent question: Is the cow in Africa, as intermediary between life and spirit, also believed to precipitate cosmic intelligence in her cosmos, for the fecundity of the earth? Can the cow additionally be perceived as an evocative metaphor for yielding ‘pure thinking’ and ethical deeds for social renewal on this African soil?