I am an interdisciplinary designer, artist, researcher and mentor. In my earnest quest for knowledge I have developed an eagerness for developing creative potential through artistic processes aligned with life. I am acutely aware of refreshing perception, and my attention to the phenomena, as a part of life, within a larger living context.

In essence, my art, design and personal research approach relates to subtle capacities of perception based on lived experience – a theme I researched extensively for my Masters In Design: BEYOND KNOWLEDGE TO UNDERSTANDING: A GOETHEAN PERSPECTIVE ON DESIGN EDUCATION AS LIVING PROCESS.

As a multimedia artist and designer I curiously explore the visible and invisible forces that form things. I work predominantly with natural substances and materials, and span most creative disciplines. My explorations and artistic processes strive to bring ideas to material form in enlivening ways. I strive to ensure that I am faithful to my materials and that my thinking does not override or inhibit my freedom to create; that the essence of truth, honesty and beauty present in the materials are integral in my artwork, design or installation work. I hope above all to spark the sense of wonder in all that I create.

"The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think."
(Bateson, 1972)