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Hush Selfridges

In December 2013 I met Freya Sewell the acclaimed designer of the HUSH pods. These pods made from a single piece of 12mm industrial wool felt were designed as a retreat. A cosy space for contemplation and rest, or simply a space to withdraw from the world.

In January 2013 Freya pioneered 'cooked wool' an entirely new sustainable material made from a woolen by-product of the British carpet Industry. Frejya partnered with Headspace-modern meditation experts, and myself, to deliver an extra helping of peace and quiet for the shoppers at Selfridges Department Store. The 'cooked wool' was made into a dome which hardened and was covered with handcrafted wet felted covers made by Karen Platte (Karen and Karen Feltworks). Wet felting is an ancient technique dating back to 600BC. Handmade traditional techniques were used alongside high tech innovation. Each pod offered an ipad, state of the art headphones and a guided meditation, to help calm busy heads.This was part of the No Noise Theme which ran throughout Selfridges Department Store.